Parkour Basics
A workshop for beginners of all ages. This sessions provides a thorough introduction to the world of parkour. We explore foundational moves and techniques, as well as proper warm-up exercises to give you a great ‘starter kit’ for your continued parkour practice on your own.

Nature Parkour
As the name indicates, this workshop is a parkour-based training session, but we are taking it out of the city and into nature. Instead of jumping on pavements and climbing over walls, we’ll be climbing trees, swinging from branches or jumping on rocks. This workshops focuses on reconnecting with our natural ability to move freely in any environment.

Freemoving & Flow
In this workshop we focus on the creative side to doing parkour. We explore fun or different movements, work with improvisation and imagination. We train our ability to look at the surroundings from different angles and practice focus and fluidity rather than big jumps and stunts. Balance, body control and coordination are at the center of this workshop.