Get personalized support to start leading an active and healthy lifestyle today!

Want to shift from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one, but struggle to get started or to keep going? An individually designed COACHING process could be the element that will help you succeed! I combine my personal experience of taking up high intensity training after years of inactivity with my competences as a certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach, to work in partnership with YOU to create a personalized action plan that will take you from A to B in an effective and workable way. No more dreaming. It’s time to start DOING 🙂

Coaching can help you:
– Get back in shape
– Go from ‘I-really-should-exercise’ to actually doing it
– Set up a structured & individually tailored schedule
– Effectively combine training with a busy family life
– Keep track of your progress through constructive accountability

Individually tailored advice and feedback in these areas:
• nutrition
• physical training
• habit breaking & creation
• mindfulness
• positive thinking

How long does it take? Each coaching session is 40 min. and is done via Skype or FaceTime. We will agree on a certain number of sessions (typically between 4-6) and evaluate at the end of the series.

What exactly will we do? Coaching is a way for you to obtain additional support on your fitness journey. We will discuss your unique situation and how your goals can be attained within this framework. I will help you gain clarity over your strengths and weaknesses and how you can work with both in the most optimal way. You will not just be told what to do to. Instead, we will work together for you to develop the tools to BE THE VERY BEST YOU.

How much does it cost? Individual sessions are 25€. Discounts for follow-up sessions. Each person is unique, therefore the total cost of a coaching process will vary. You will always receive a personalized offer based on your specific needs.

Give yourself the very best cards on hand for lifelong health and well-being by starting NOW ❤️

Please contact me for any questions or to book a FREE introductory talk about your needs.
Coaching available in English, Danish & French.

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