Hi. I’m Luna. I’m an avid runner (trail, OCR) and a parkour enthusiast. I love to monkey around and have fun while I’m training and this aspect of playfulness and creativity in movement is one of the main focus points in the workshops that I hold, as it is something largely lost by many of us. I’m a certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach and offer personalized coaching to help you get in shape and start an active, healthy life.

I’m also a nomad by nature, and spend a large part of the year trotting the globe with my three youngest children and our dog.  We have an ongoing bucket list of rather epic things we want to do, like dog sledding in the Alaskan wilderness or trekking the Annapurna Circuit – and in between those, we just run, jump, climb, swim and hit the local hiking routes wherever we go! I keep a blog where you can read about our adventures around the world and get inspiration for both traveling and training on a budget and as a family.

I chose to name my company MOVE4LIFE because being active is a lifelong, lifestyle choice and because moving in all senses of the word makes me feel alive and free. Whether it is running or climbing and being physically active or moving as a traveler exploring new places, I feel best when I’m active and using my body!

A million thanks for stopping by 🙂